The following regulations are in place to ensure the everyone enjoy their stay at the campsite without the annoyance of any kind. Respect of the nature are the guidelines..

Do not forget the the best answers to your question will come only from the direction.


  1. You are in the obligation to read and follow the following regulations 
  2. Curfew for all noises as well gathering is at 23h00pm,without exception.Visitors re-gistered for the day only have moderation and are required.The noise from tvs or radio must not disturb the neighbors..
  3. Respect is essential on the site.Anyone who disturb the order will be expeled from the site without reimbursement .
  4. All lands must be maintained ,clean and free of all waste,at all times.
  5. It is forbidden to cut or damage trees and shrubs( both on campsite and in the surrounding wood )Considaration is entirely underground ,it is strickly forbidden to dig in any places without having asked permission to the direction..
  6. Campers must carry their garbage and recycling to containers provied for this purpose.When you leave the rest areas,you have garbage ,icluded on the site should only be used for your needs when travelling on site.
  7. The clotheslines are not allowed,no rope attached to trees .
  8. A maximum of two cars ,included one of your visitors is allowed ,but these must be parked on your land not in the streets.
  9. Games (iron,washer.... )must be practiced in strategic places,nt on your site.
  10. All tarpaulins prohibited.

Véhicles :

  1. Every person traveling on the site must have been registered.The tenant camper who picks up visitors must make sure that they are registered and paid before crossing the barrier.The visitors of the tennant must comply with the same regulations as the camper and are under reponsibilty of these.All visitors has to leave all campground at 23h00 pm.No additional tent is allowed to accomodate your guest without permisssion.
  2. The speed limit of 8 km must be respected throughout the site.Seasonal workers who will be given 2 written notices of non -compliance with this teglem right to drive on the site.If you have to move before 8 am and after 11 pm ,you must leave your vehicle at the parking area at the front office .All déplacements fréquent and abusifs will not be tolorate.
  3. Camper must obtain a magnetic card for the control barrier at the cost of 20$,refundable upon return of the card in good condition..
  4. It is forbidden to ride a bicycle after 9 pm.

Animals :

  1. Only one pet may be registered per campsite,but must have been approved by management .Certain dogs not allowed ,such as:pitbull ,rottweiler,bullmasilt,doberman,bulter,german sheperd.The animals must have always be kept on a leash or attached on your site..They are not allowed in the common area (beach,halls,reception or games areas).Children who walk dogs have to be able to control those.The excrements immediately pick up and throw in the trash.The management reserves the right to expelled any animals with abusif or agressive behavior.If the neigbors are disturbed by the barking of your dog,you will be invited to go out of the campsite.

Rules of good neighborhood :

  1. It is forbidden to waste water in any way.(Due to a regulation of the Ministry of Environnement )Only one washing per year per trailer is allowed and mention a the reception.
  2. Glass container such as as bottle of beer,wine,cup or glass should only be used on your property.These are strict.
  1. Fireplaces are not rubbish bin.All fireplace installations must  have been approved bt the management .Fireworks have been strictly prohibited.
  2. No surveillance is provided at the beach,we are not responsible for accident
  3. No drug use is allowed on the site.ANY CONSUMPTION WILL CAUSE THE EXPULSION.
  4. The management declines all responsibility in the event of loss ,theft or fallen branches on your equipment..
  5. It is forbidden to ride a mountain bike ,a mini motorcycle ,a childrens battery vehicle ,or any other form of off-road on the site.No one is allowed to drive under the influence of alcool or without a permit .
  6. Fronds, air and pellet guns,bows or any other weapons are prohibited
  7. The person responsable for fights ,arguments,scandalous behavior ,vulgar language  and harassement shall be expelled immediately.
  8. All fire not to left unattended and must be turned off at bedtime.

Expulsion policy:

The direction will appear on these rules to expelled whom concern will not apply any of those regulations and without refund .

The travelers and unwanted visitors will have to leave at the second warning ,without failing or refund .

Seasonal campers the third warning (all regulations combined ) will result the expulsion the same day and will have 10 days to remove the authorized material without refund .


« The management reserves the right to modify at any time and without notice ,the rules and regulations of the association above. »